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Rvixe—originated from Taiwan, was founded by the Taiwanese due to the investment establishment of core backbone of science and technology. Rvixe is a fashional brand which, committed to the design of fashional smart phone accessories and peripheral products, and development  as well as service.  On the basis of the scientific research achievements of Taiwan, on the premise of terminal customer experience, we use our unique design style to provide the perfect products to our customer.

Rvixe owns strong economic strength , a strong design and development team, as well as a elite team that with many year’s industry experience .

English letter R is the 18th letters of the English alphabet, evolved from Phoenician and the 20th pictographic alphabet of Hebrew . The phoenicians call it resh, which means “head”. Rvixe is directly translated according to the pronounce of capital letter R and vixe . Rvixe doesn’t exist in English dictionary, it is a new word . It means creative spirit of daring to make breakthrough, daring to challenge with courage, not be bound by the past. This spirit will lead our persistent pursuit of product. Bring new experience to fashionable consumer audience.

Human being is the root of an enterprise, around the people-oriented basis points, we strive to provide as many opportunities for our employees, to make our employee fully play their talent.

Learning is endless endless,only by constantly learning and practice, can we enhance the self-competitiveness, at the same time repair and constantly improve ourself.

Integrity is the root of business, being honest and keeping faith has been deeply rooted to each employee’s tenet.

Enterprise Values: Innovation , a platform of passion, more intimate service, superior quality                      assurance and a good brand reputation.

Customer  Values: More superiority, more reliable, more enjoyable usage experience.
Employee Values: Unremitting efforts, solidarity, pursuit of excellence, learning and                        growing together.

Setting the pursuit of value as our goal, to achieve a three-dimensional integrated value system.

Rvixe making perfect quality as the requirements, setting Taiwan advanced management process for the production standards, obsessed with focus on technology spirit of sound quality; We insisting on “using science and technology research to develop composite function products",  “using innovative design to impove fashion aesthetics”, “strengthening the cooperation system and  to improve competition ability” “using ICT technology to value-added use the service platform”,“establishing and managing MIT smile label of products”, “Brand establishment and channel management”,etc. These six strategies promote high quality goods to the key markets all over the world.

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